Mary Kathleen Burke

Hello and welcome to The Mary K Burke Radio show .My radio show has been airing weekly since April 2008 after doing ten years at Celtic Music Radio in Glasgow www.celticmusicradio.net I decided to become Freelance with my show in 2018 and since then it has been syndicated to several Radio stations around the world .

I play a mix of Country,Americana,Celtic,Folk & Rockabilly music from mostly Independent artists worldwide and get a lot of music sent to me from various media companies and promoters and also directly from artists. I spend a lot of time compiling my weekly playlist and I listen to everything that comes in some make it to my playlist and some dont.I dont critiqec any ones music I listen for what I want to hear and what I think my listeners will enjoy quality of production is very important to me as is what the artist is actually trying to achieve by getting airplay? for many its that they are starting out and testing the waters with a new single sometimes its a well established artist who is very proactive and is popular with my listeners .

I am truly passionate about helping independent artists get heard which is why I syndicate my show . I am currently setting up MKB Independent Radio a new station financed solely by listeners and independent artists worldwide . I will post more about the project soon it is all being built at the moment . The Mary K Burke show will continue as normal to the Syndicated stations as well as being on my own station and this website which is dedicated to my own show will continue as normal I also intend to bring a couple of like minded djs on board with shows so watch out for MKB Independent Radio which is sponsored by listeners & Independent artists worldwide If you would like to become a sponsor of MKB INDEPENDENT RADIO click on the Donate button below and donate anything from £1 .
All sponsors will be listed on the new station website http://paypal.me/MKBRADIO

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