Updates at MKB Radio Show 28/03/19

Hello Friends , I hope you are enjoying listening to my shows and I thank you all for your continued support of what I do . I have made some changes to the Schedule and website. A current list of Radio Stations hosting the show are on the Radio stations link. The website now contains a page called (New in) which features new music albums and singles in to the show in hard copy format. Just click and it and you can flick through the albums I will add more when I get time.

BREAK TIME I am taking a couple of weeks off to go to Ireland to record a couple of songs and meet the team of (Atlantic sounds Country) The new community radio station which I have been commissioned to set up and build the website for. I will also be adding their DJ’s and schedule very soon The website is up though much to be added yet but there is a 24/7 stream there with an auto DJ so you can listen while you browse . http://www.atlanticsoundscountry.com I will keep you posted as it develops . The second week I am going home to spend some quality time with my siblings and chill out I have been working very hard and really need a break . The show will continue as normal every week while I am away so please do tune in and share the shows from my calendar.

CHART Because of my busy schedule I am going to leave the chart as is for another month it has added more to my workload and as yet I have not found an assistant so I will revisit it in a month and see where I am with it .

CALENDER I have made changes to the Calendar which is where you need to go to find out times and stations that host the show. I record one show a week and it is sent to the seven licensed radio stations that air it on their weekly schedules. It starts midweek on Wyrelite Radio on Wed nights 9pm or sometimes Thursday night is the starting point for the new weekly playlist at 10.30 on Irish Country Radio it depends which day I record .

PUBLICITY It can be difficult for me to publicise every show on Facebook and time consuming so I rely on listeners and artists to remember. I am very very busy so its not a case of I cant be bothered. There is a Facebook share button on every scheduled show on my calendar the little squares are shows and when clicked the links and times come up I would appreciate if you do go there to share the shows out on face book its just a click .


PLAYLISTS Since I built the website for the show I have been posting up all the playlists in PDF format they are downloadable as well . As I usually do them one or two weeks in advance, you may not see your music for two or three weeks after it is submitted but it also has the added advantage of giving you time to let your fans know exactly when you will be on and a chance to publicise it. I give artists as much airplay as I possibly can but also have to add new music as it comes in. I do play music again that has had favourable comments and try and mix it in with the newer playlists I also get requests for artists that I play .

Thank you to the people who have donated so far it has helped and is much appreciated. My show is not for profit but I do have subscriptions, website hosting and other things to pay for to keep the show going my computer is struggling if it packs up I will have to replace it so any donations towards my running costs would be greatly appreciated and put to very good use. If you would like to donate just click the donate button on the website .

SPONSOR I am also open to sponsorship of my show if you would be interested contact me at info@marykburkeradioshow.co.uk

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