13/05/2019 This weeks Featured Artists Dungiven based band “Arrows”


I am very proud to present my featured artists this week Sisters Charmaine Higgins & Kellie Ohara from Dungiven Co Derry and Audrey Donaghy from Craigbane Co Derry ,Dungiven old haunt of mine when I was a slip of a girl and only seven miles from Park village where I grew up. I have fond memories of thumbing a lift there to go see bands at The Castle Ballroom.I also have a big connection to Craigbane where my late mother and father are buriedand have cousins there .

I discovered Kellie O Hara ,Charmaine Higgins and Audrey Donaghy’s wonderful music and songwriting talent a few weeks ago and was very impressed with what I heard ,Dungiven is home to Cara and Mary Dillon who are highly acclaimed on the Celtic world music circuit Charmaine & Kellie and Audrey are headed the same route only on The Country/Americana circuit and stand out a mile as original and true to themselves they are not following the usual trend and I like that , They kind of remind me a bit of The Dixie chicks. Their music has an Americana feel to it and that I feel is the scene they belong to which can open doors up for them around the world and not just in Ireland and the UK .


Charmaine Higgins
Singer/songwritter/guitarist (Dungiven)

Kellie O Hara
Singer/songwritter/precussion (Dungiven)

Audrey Donaghy
Songwritter (Craigbane)

We are 3 strong passionate women within the county of Derry, who have always had a great love for, & are talented in multiple areas within the creative arts…dance/sing/songwriting/guitar/music production/online marketing.

We willingly put our own musical dreams on the back burner, to give our all & enjoy becoming mothers/wives, & raise our families as best we could.
This was an easy choice & one that has produced amazing, caring, self-aware children!

We believe that music is “the expression of one’s soul”, & have come together to bring our creative abilities to life!

Every living person is in the driving seat of their own lives. We all choose how to navigate which direction we take at every turn.
Sometimes we go backwards. Sometimes stand still. Sometimes all over the place lol.
This is the concept of our band name ‘Arrows’ …we have set our direction to drive forward full steam ahead

We have had our story told in “local women North West”, because the editor felt that our story is a little different than others, & resonates with people, particularly women in thier 40’s, like us, who maybe thought that age is a barrier & their time has past to live out their dreams….we have shown them that its never too late & age should never be a barrier!

Now, in our mid 40’s, families blossoming, & collectively honed our own individual talents (singing/songwriting/musicians/marketing), we have bitten the bullet & have recorded an original 7 track EP due, for release in the coming weeks (early spring 2019)

We also go against the ‘norm’ in regards to what a ‘band’ is….


We have 2 singers, but 3 songwriters in our band. The artwork photoshoot for our EP incorporates all 3 of us on the cover.

Why is this different…?

Because the ‘norm’ to be included in a ‘band’, is usually ONLY the singers/musicians, it doesnt give the songwriter the same publicity & credits as the singers/musicians.

We feel that this is not right, not in our story anyway….so as far as we believe, our band consists of all 3 of us…we all write the lyrics, 2 of us compose/arrange & sing them

All 3 of us will be pictured on the EP cover ….because all 3 of us are there EVERY STEP of this journey together, from writing the song, composing, recording, performing & delivering to digital/physical platforms.

No 1 person is less, or more, valued than the other. We are women who are genuinely supportive of one another, we fiercely advocate “empowerment of all women”, & live by that.

That does not exclude men btw lol….every person deserves genuine support & respect!

We have had a blast soo far on our journey! We never know what is coming tomorrow but wake up excited to find out

I (Kellie), also create all promotional content/distribution/marketing/develop & execute our brand.

We are a self contained fully funtioning band, & great supportive freinds, even if we don’t always have the same opinion ha…we are very proud of that!

We want to show the world that “we may be late to this party, but we aint goin home!!”

Performances & media coverage by ‘Arrows’ soo far:

Highland radio interviews (multiple slots).

NVTV (northern vision) television belfast.

RTE TG4 Dublin “irish talented families”

BOILS OF SLANE acoustic intimate original gig @ ‘purple sessions’.

Voodoo letterkenny, charity event

‘Local woman magazine’ 2 page spread on our journey soo far.

Made top number 5 on Strabane radio country charts!

Placed on weekly playlists on numerous radio stations in the uk & ireland.

We hope that you enjoy the journey with us & thank you all for your continued support! X

The arrows will be featured on this weeks playlist which starts at 9pm Wed Night at www.wyrelite.com You can follow the show for the week by checking the schedule on site which includes links to the hosting radio stations for more info www.marykburkeradioshow.co.uk







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  1. I live in the middle of England, however, I had the pleasure travelling to Coleraine in Northern Ireland with friends to see The Arrows perform live and we weren’t disappointed as they were amazing, beautiful harmonies from these two talented young ladies, what an amazing night we had

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