Please support me to turn my radio show into a licenced radio station supported by listeners

Hi Listeners , Yesterday I was going to give up my radio shows but due to the love and support of my friends and listeners out there I have decided the best way forward to keep my show on air for another 11 years and beyond , is to bite the bullet and become a licenced Independent Radio Station. I can do this but I really need your support . It means I can still keep my syndicate but also have my shows aired weekly on my own station and also have some other good dj’s come aboard to broadcast.

To get my licence I need to raise £170 minimum.that will cover my licence for a year . I do have other running costs I can offer some affordable artist services on my own station which would probably help cover them. The station would be independent and be supporting independent artists worldwide as my show has been doing since 2008 . I can run adds for media companies and artists and also take on some other good dj’s to my weekly schedule and add personell as well .

I am putting this into the hands of my listeners worldwide and to the many media companies who send me music to air and have been doing for many years . Having the station would be awesome for me and to have my listeners behind me .

To donate click on the Donate button on this website and donate anything from £1 . If just 35 people donated a fiver thats my licence covered . All sponsors will be listed on the website as my sponsors .

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