No 1 Artist of the month October Top Twenty 2019 Seamus Fitzsimmons

The Mary K Burke radio show monthly poll closed on October 28th and the top twenty charts were announced Congratulations to all the artists voted into the top twenty and our no1 this month Seamus Fitzsimmons

it was a close call between him and Libby Koch. This month I decided to do a live countdown. It was quite funny because Seamus was texting me during the show having no Idea he was going to be the winner nor did I give him any hint . No one knew as I counted down and played each of the top twenty it was fun. Don Smythe who got fifth place told me he was on the edge of his seat and was supposed to be somewhere else but hung on. So from now on when the poll is called there will be a live Countdown show. A new poll will be up in a couple of days for listeners to vote for their favourite Artist in November. The poll will be located on The Mary K Burke Radio show Facebook page . One vote per voter per day.
The top twenty artists will remain on the poll and artists who have made my playlists in recent weeks added all through the month. This chart is going into its fourth month and interest continues to grow . Pease note I have no control over voting and the results come in to me on the 28th . The poll is only on Facebook . Artists included are encouraged to share the link to their followers and ask them to vote . I am looking forward to Seamus’s album which he is writing and with songs of the calibre of ” Would you mind” I think we are in for an almighty piece of work. Please check out his page and give him some likes and shares
Mary K Burke

The Top twenty no1 Artist of the month October 2019 Seamus Fitzsimmons (Would You Mind )

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