New Juke box playlist on site now.

Good morning folks . Here we are into another new week in 2019 already time just seems to be flying by, or is it just me ? Just to let you know I have added a new playlist to my stream including many of the artists Played on my Scheduled shows , this weeks Jukebox features many artists and some new singles in to the show . Artists if you are sending mp3s please label them as the artist and title comes up on screen on the site wide player so if you dont label the mp3 correctly your name or title wont show just what you have sent the file as eg if you just put your name and name the track track one thats exactly what will come up on screen so if you haven’t labelled your mp3 correctly please resend to . I cant change the files at my end i’m afraid, so take a minute and get your song heard and seen on site at The MKB show . I have posted a couple of screen shots at the bottom of this post to show you what I mean.

For listeners, when you go to the website you will see a player at the bottom of the screen click the play button on the headphones and continue to browse the site and the music will continue .

You also have the option to click it of again . The other way to listen to the stream is on the little player at the top right of each page however that is not site wide so probably best to click the bottom one if you want to browse with our jukebox on . See Screenshots below

As I explained above , If you label your mp3 with your name and song name it will show as in the example here
Use this play button at the bottom of the site for site wide player and browse undisturbed as you listen to our many featured artists . The Jukebox stream is changed every few days

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