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Hi Friends ,I Have received some amazing music the last two weeks From Ireland ,New Mexico ,Australia.Much as I love to get the music digitally, the hard copy will always be favoured by me as the artwork and packaging can tell me so much before I even get to listen and its always nice to have the info at hand when listening and to get the feel of the whole album. That said , I have had some amazing singles sent in digitally as well so thank you all. Please remember to label mp3s with your name -song title .mp3

The brand new single from Louise Morrissey  will be featured next week

I dont have time to do this for you and for it to show in my database it needs to be labelled correctly . Please make sure with hard copy cd’s that the track names are listed on the cd as again this takes ages to sit and do and I dont have time and just should not have to do it ! . Sometimes I do turn music down for this reason as I just feel if you are an artist and are serious about getting your music out there you will take the time and effort to make sure it is correctly labelled for the DJ.Also a short bio and links to your music is helpful and to your advantage and lets my listeners find you should they like what they hear Eighty percent of artists do this and they are the ones more likely to get played. So if you are in the twenty percent bracket and not labelling and presenting your music properly you are doing yourself an injustice.

This weeks Featured album is by Jane Kramer and is called Valley of the bones check shows on site and click the calendar dates for details of show rotation
Next weeks featured album Is by Mandy Barnett”I cant stop loving You The songs of Don Gibson”

I have had irate emails from disgruntled people and its not pleasant but I am always honest . I am not here to upset or hurt anyone. I wont play music with automatic keyboard accompaniment thats OK for a pub gig but sorry not a radio programme If the music itself has potential with the proper production and that does not mean it cant be recorded at home (Many Singers now record in home studios) I will give the submitter the opportunity to go back to the drawing board and try again especially if the songs themselves are good and the voice is OK .

New album in this week “Tex” It is Wow!

I’ve had submissions where the music is fab but the  voice is as flat as a pancake and the submitter has spent good money having a track produced in a studio . I think when this happens it is actually down to the producer to be honest with the client . This is one thing that really gets to me . I sometimes get told “well no other DJ has noticed?” well I am sorry, but thats up to them what they play on their shows but on My show I play what I decide to play after I review it and feel it fits.

The bedrock ,of my shows contain music from artists who I have been playing for many years and I add new artists weekly in the Genres of Country,Americana. Folk,Celtic and Rockabilly music . I like Traditional country and roots and other styles of country but not overly keen on Modern country . I absolutely love Americana and there is so many independent Americana artists around the world . I also have a great passion for folk and Celtic Music, mostly traditional Irish and Scottish and some contemporary folk from different parts of the UK and the rest of the world . I like Rockabilly as well though the show has a mainly country/Americana/ Celtic vibe to it you will hear Rockabilly and its a genre I am building on .

The Artizan By Jim Wyle is a lovely collection of songs written and sang by Jim

The show has been going for eleven years now and I am very passionate about it and put a lot of thought and energy into it and have many great friends worldwide because of it .The day they stop sending their music to me is the day I will give up on it . My listeners are friends as are the many of the artists and I have had the privilege of meeting some of them and even sharing a stage with them . I love to see artists developing from virtually unknown to successful artists with a following and it is nice to be able to play a small role by playing their music . I am also thankful to be connected to lots of like minded DJ’s around the world . Mary K

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