Hi and you are very welcome to The Mary K Burke Radio Show. My show has been broadcasting weekly for eleven years.The first ten with Celtic Music Radio in Glasgow. I decided to leave in Feb 2018 to take stock and see where I wanted to be with Radio. I was asked by some stations for my show and decided to continue but as an independent broadcaster .

My show is now syndicated to seven licensed radio stations who broadcast it on their Schedules weekly. I put an awful lot of work into the preparation of my programme and like to keep it fresh and get a continuous stream of music every day from independent artists nworldwide. Please have a look around my site and I also have a 24/7 Jukebox on here which you can listen too as you browse.

My first experience in radio was when my good friend and Irish World reporter and journalist John Carey got me involved in a community station based in The Gorbals in Glasgow.Knowing I like to talk to people he suggested that I interview some local artists who were recording a compilation album. Doing this, along with some outside broadcasts,  gave me a taste for radio.

The Mary K Burke show started in April 2008 when I did my first radio  show. I would explain that I am dyslexic so working at so many things at one time; talking, choosing music,inserting ads at the appropriate time etc.; was quite daunting for me.  I think that with practice and not a few errors along the way I got there in the end.

Having recorded  some songs I was signed to Greentrax recordings who released my debut album early in 2008 and I ended up as a guest in several stations. In fact  I was Stewart Fenwick’s first live guest, on his show at Celtic Music Radio in Glasgow . I had known Stewart from my days on the UK  country music scene where he knew me as Tanya, as I had been singing with Nevada before forming my own band,Tanya and Sneaky Moon. Shortly after this interview the station manager called me and offered me my own show on Celtic Music Radio.  
thought I would last a few weeks, possibly a few months, it turned into ten years.

I liked meeting and talking to my guests and I loved getting my post every week because I received so much great music. As a recording artist myself I know how much it means to have your music played on radio. I also try and encourage up and coming artists my own experience of the music industry has taught me much about the upsides and the downsides and I like to speak with fellow musicians .

Yes I met this guy Phil Lee he actually stayed at my house once and I think he is the coolest dude ever 🙂

As well as the show and family commitments I was still performing and doing some outside broadcasts from festivals and events such as the Celtic Connections Festival in Glasgow. 

Belgian Country Radio asked to take my show some two years ago   This involved recording the  show every week for both Celtic Music Radio and Belgium country radio. To allow for advertising placements Belgian Country Radio needed six 19 minute slots weekly. I was working the show from home by this time

I left Celtic Music Radio after ten years in early 2018 and in a few weeks was offered a slot for my show on Donegal Bay FM Radio

Through my recordings and the radio show I have established  contacts with some great promoters,  record labels, publicists and other DJ’s worldwide. These have given great support and encouragement. Many of these along with the artists I play and the listeners of the show have become firm friends. 

The show has almost become a full time job and involves much more than a two hour broadcast each week . As many of you will know, running and maintaining a professional web site involves costs as well as time.
My show is not for profit, I wish it was !

It has been a labour of love for nearly eleven years and I am asking you ,my listeners, artists, and media companies, if you can,  to invest something and make a donation towards the maintenance and running costs of the show. Any amount is acceptable no matter how little it all helps


In the event of actually making a profit some money would be donated annually to a suitable charitable cause.

I hope you will continue to support the show and enjoy the new home created for the convenience and enjoyment of my listeners  and friends throughout the world.

It’s all about the music for me. The voice, the song writing talent, seeing artists develop and succeed in this very precarious industry through hard work and determination and a passion for what they do. 

A special thanks to my listeners for your encouragement and support of my work. To the media companies,promoters ,publicists,record labels that I have dealt with all these years and to friends and family for putting up with the hours I spend with cans on my ears and last but not least to The licensed radio stations that have taken on my show and add it to their weekly schedules.  I Have recently became a reporter to The Americana Charts which is a great honour for me . the music that is out there in the world from Independent artists is incredible and I will continue to support these artists for as long as I can .

Update , I am now the CEO of My own Radio station MKB Independent Radio which launched in OCT 2019 . The station is sponsored by independent artists and listeners by donation . Check it out www.mkbindependentradio.com I have had nearly 12 000 listeners since the launch in oct 2019 . Mary K Burke

(c)The Mary K Burke Radio Show . Designed by Mary K Burke