01/07/2019 This weeks artist & Album of the week Chuck Hawthorne” Fire out of stone”

This weeks album of the week ” Fire Out of Stone” by Chuck Hawthorne

Hi Folks , I’m Very proud to present this weeks album of the week on The Mary K Burke show. Chuck Hawthorne’s new album ” Fire out of stone ” is due to be released on 26th July and contains stories about his career in The military.

I First got to know Chuck and his music in 2015 when I recieved his album ” Silverline” from my good friend Rob Ellen (Medicine Music ) I loved! and still do love that album! and still spin songs from it four years on. so, I was beside myself to recieve “Fire out of stone” .
Chuck has penned all the songs apart from one “I will fight forever” by the late Richard Dobson who was a friend of Chucks . Chuck has such a lovely voice and I felt sad at some of the songs but took all the lyrics in and listened again and again there is something very soothing about Chucks voice.
Musicians on the album include Ray Bonneville, Marian Brackney , Julie Carter,Ron Flyn,Libby Koch , Geoff Queen,Ray Rodriguez,Bill Small and Walt Wilkins .

I hope my lsteners will appreciate this album as much as I do and will rush out and purchase it for their collection of great albums . Mary K Burke The MKB Radio Show

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